This is a newly established, UK based, business that benefits from a lifelong bilingual engineering career between UK, Egypt and The Middle East (CV). Moving between these countries, without losing touch with the others, provided an inherent opportunity to be fully acquainted with both cultures and ways of life that are essential attributes for informed translation and interpreting.

After retirement from Engineering, as consultant and later on as training provider (www.britishtrainingsolutions.org), I decided to make the best use of decades of cross language and cross culture career. My well tested translation capabilities and the occasional interpreting, can enrich my life through developing these capabilities and making them work for me.

In order to get my experience formally acknowledged and at the same time enhance my knowledge and business prospects, I sought the very special knowledge required for legal translation and interpreting through acquiring a Diploma in English Legal Translation from EGYTA (Egyptian Translators Association, 2016).

For the benefit of serving the legal profession in the UK, I achieved full DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, English Law Pathway, 2017-2019 with 1 Distinction , 3 Merits and 1 Pass.

This experience and special studies were professionally acknowledged by being admitted as Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, MCIL, (English) in 2016.

With the support of a personal network of competent native Egyptian translators, based in Egypt, I can address clients’ needs for languages other than English, particularly German French, Turkish and Spanish.

Training remains to be a conviction in view of the huge demand for training and technology transfer between UK and the ME region and wouldn’t miss a real opportunity in that direction.